Changing Lives Today

In 2004, Changing Lives Today began as a sub-contracting agency, working with other organizations. Since 2009, Changing Lives Today Inc. has became its own independent provider under the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.

Our core values center on Changing Lives Today through the development of good and effective communication skills. This will contribute to your loved one successfully adapting and becoming independent in every aspect of daily living.


I’m emailing you to share a little bit of the great work and big hearts of your staff. Nurse Sonia, Nurse Raquel, and HM Gloria are super stars in my eyes. The love, care, and support they showed my family and I during a very trying time was greatly appreciated. From helping me make life choices to making sure my children were well cared for during my hospital stays. They never once complained. By them showing me love and respect, I feel safe saying your individuals are in good hands. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such an amazing team. I thank God for them every day and CLT is always in my prayers.

– Valencia A.

I am sorry that I cannot write a paragraph I have written this 3 times, going back remembering the waiting and visiting homes, many, many prayers, until my answer came through. You know I am a God Fearing Woman, and I pray about everything, especially for Sean.

When I discovered Changing Lives Today, I had visited 20 different homes for my only son. My son, Sean had requested to move into a group home for years. It took me more than two years praying and searching for the right home. Originally when calling the office, of Changing Lives Today, I spoke with Teresa who explained it would be six months before a new home would be available.

I continued my search, went as far as 75 miles away to find this “special home for Sean.” To no avail, I could not get my answer. They were acceptable homes available with vacancy, but I did not have God’s answer.

After a very long praying time, I got my list out and started calling back the group homes. I called the office and spoke with staff that said Mr. Al would be back in five days and they did have a male bed available. Staff noted that I was available to look at the home. At this time I started my homework. You see that not only did Sean want to move, I was getting into a medical condition that warranted his move.

Mr. Al called upon his return, met me the next morning with Sean, and the rest of the story is: Changing Lives Today has been an answered prayer for Sean and myself. The experienced staff makes THIS HOUSE A HOME, Just as God’s promise, Sean has exceptional good care and I am always welcome.

– Mary H.

“If a person can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

When we adopt new ways of thinking and talking about people with disabilities, we’ll not only exert a positive influence on their lives, but on our society as a whole.