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There may be individuals who may have no nearby support of family to live with. We assist in finding a place to call home thanks to Changing Lives Today Host Program. We train, screen, and contract with families who treat our clients with love, respect, dignity while providing a long-term home and a secure environment. Our adult homes provide a safe and supportive environment as well as meals, transportation, assistance with daily living and personal care to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Other Employment Opportunities

To apply for a position with us please complete our form and submit your resume to Make sure you indicate what position you are applying for and availability. We are always hiring for the positions of:

The Nursing supervisor will be ultimately responsible for monitoring and supervising the care of participants  whose health status and situations involving complex situations. Job duties include:

  • A current license to practice as a registered nurse in the State of Georgia.
  • Two year’s experience in a home health services or related field.
  • Knowledge of current methods of home management, the provision of personal care, the ability to organize and coordinate the work of others.
  • Evaluate different situations and make decisions based on client care and health
  • Communicate and deal effectively with others
  • Must have a working knowledge of Chapter 290-5-54 Rules and Regulations, “Nursing Services” Private Home Care
  • A satisfactory criminal background check

Responsible for the overall operation of the home(s) to those tasks and duties that are integral to the smooth running and administration of the home. Must:

  • Be available/provide oversight services 24 – 7 with the exception of those designated “off” days/times.
  • Ensure policies/procedures are adhered.
  • Provide daily feedback of day-to-day operations to Executive Director and DDP.
  • Ensure Individual Service Plan (ISP) goals are adhered to and met.
  • Serve as a liaison between consumers/family members and other appropriate contacts.
  • Ensure home/consumers are safe and free from any hazardous situations
  • Ensure organization’s goals/mission statement are met
  • Ensure CLA is in compliance with all governing regulatory agencies.
  • During “off” days must be available by phone to instruct accordingly. Must address calls from outside resources, family members, and staff officials, Support Coordinator and provide professional and appropriate answers in a timely manner.  Calls that are outside the scope of services should be forwarded to Director for consult.
  • Be abreast and knowledgeable on how to forward calls to the appropriate staff, DDP, BSC etc.
  • Attend all meetings as it relates to the Individuals for desired outcome.
  • Submit walk-thru reports to DDP for compliance and follow up.
  • Ensure adequate staff is present at all times.
  • Ensure adequate food items /per diet requirements to include 3-day supply of food is adequate.
  • Work with Changing Lives Today management to ensure a harmonious and smooth work environment.

Responsible for monitoring and caring for participants. Must be able to:

  • Give medication as prescribed by a physician
  • Taking vital signs, such as blood pressure, temperature, and weight and update Therap accordingly.
  • Chart Intake/Elimination for all individuals
  • Coordinate prescription refills
  • Skin assessments weekly. Update Therap
  • Order medical supplies and prescriptions
  • Conduct training on meds/side effects, proper lifting, etc.
  • Fielding medical-related questions
  • End-of-the- Month report to RN (Copy Site mgr. and Director)
  • Ensure all nursing recommendations (outlined in RN’s monthly nursing notes) are followed up
  • Coordinate and accompany individuals to all doctors’ appointments
  • Basic wound care including cleaning and bandaging injured areas
  • Write nursing notes daily
  • Catheter maintenance as required
  • Update MARS
  • Assess individuals’ mental health
  • Assisting with daily needs such as bathing
  • Keeping medical records current
  • Attend all mandatory staff meeting and other meetings as required
  • Assist direct staff as needed

Persons in this position will work directly with people with developmental disabilities with the aim of assisting the individual to become integrated into his/her community or the least restrictive environment.  Some of the people we support may have behavior challenges as well.  The DSP will act as an advocate for the disabled individual, in communicating their needs, self-expression and goals.  Some people supported may require assistance with feeding, G-Tube, toilet support. (Individuals may be incontinent).  Employees will receive training.

  • Support activities of daily living
  • Complete daily progress notes based on person’s goals
  • Develop and maintain a positive and effective relationship with the individual, families, staff, administration, case management, and other service providers and assist in coordinating with any and all their needs concerning the individual.
  • Perform or assist individual with personal hygiene as needed (e. g., bathing, brushing teeth, shaving, nail clipping, dressing, bodily functions, and service recipient appearance). May include reading and recording the person’s temperature, pulse and respirations and other needed personal care services.
  • Perform or assist individual in basic domestic duties as needed (e. g., cooking, cleaning, laundry, assisting individuals with transfers (may require heavy lifting).
  • Shopping).
  • Coordinate and maintain individual’s schedule (e. g., doctor appointments, professional team appointments and job as required).
  • Coordinate individuals’ participation in leisure and recreational activities
  • Maintain records and complete paperwork as required by Provider Agency (e. g., timesheets, mileage, petty cash, medication logs, individuals’ progress, visitor logs, Incident Reports and goal data).
  • Maintain a safe environment for the individual; prevent harm to individual, self, and others. Report any safety concerns to management in a timely manner.
  • Transport individual to and from work, scheduled appointments, and recreational activities in a safe and timely manner.
  • Manage individuals’ and agency’s funds in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Serve as a good role model to individuals.
  • Maintain current certification as required by Changing Lives Today agency and the Individuals.
  • Keep update with current Changing Lives Today’s policies and procedures.
  • May be required to support up to 3 people during shift

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