Placing People First

Changing Lives Today is grateful to those of all ages who contribute their time, wisdom and talents. We encourage volunteers to share their talents such as music, art, dance, teaching, and gardening, to enhance the programming we provide to our members.

We also welcome those wanting to volunteer their office, administrative and writing skills. We provide orientation to all volunteers and has a library of educational films available to be viewed on site.

Additionally, Changing Lives Today provides students an opportunity to earn Community Service credits while learning about both interacting with adults with memory impairment and programmatic development.

Our annual “Forget Me Not Luncheon,” as well as our Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, are other opportunities for volunteers to help prepare materials for these event and to help administer activities on the day of the event.

To volunteer, contact us at ‘” or call our office at 404-553-4132.

Volunteer with G-CONNECT

G-CONNECT (Get Connected) is a program designed to assist people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities establish relationships with citizens in the community. People with disabilities often have limited opportunities to interact with the community. This pattern of life leads to loneliness and isolation.

G-CONNECT’S goal is to limit the restrictions that have been placed on the lives of people with disabilities. We also hope to enhance the lives of the people in the community by developing “friendships” with those in the community.

The G-CONNECT program generates friendships between adults with developmental disabilities and community volunteers. It involves spending time to make a difference in someone’s life. Click “Volunteer” to be taken to the CONTACT form if you would like to become a volunteer.

The following are expectations we have of our G-CONNECT volunteers:

  • Be involved with at least one activity a month with your G-CONNECT friend (in or out of the home).
  • Call your connections friend at least twice a month.
  • Plan and give choices for age appropriate activities for your G-CONNECT friend.
  • Provide transportation (as needed) to and from activities.
  • Hold in confidence all information shared by your G-CONNECT friend, except in situations where you feel the person’s health and safety are in jeopardy. In such instances, these situations must be reported to the house manager, or to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Discuss your involvement with your G-CONNECT friend with the Volunteer Coordinator at least on a quarterly basis or as needed.
  • Attend all in-services (training) as needed.

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