Our Homes

“I had a difficult time letting my son move the CLT home.  He’s been with me for 23 years and we’ve never been apart.  The first time I met Mr. Al I got a sense of comfort from him.  He explained to me that there is a transition period and we would develop a plan to make that first month or two as smooth as possible.  My son adapted very well in the first month and now knows that this is “his” home.”

Our community homes are located in the community close to malls, parks, shopping and other retail stores.  Once a person transitions into the home that home becomes their home; and like any home there is full access to common areas like family rooms, decks, porches and the yard.   Bedrooms are completely furnished with a full-size bed, dresser, mirror, nightstand, chair and TV with cable access.  Got your own favorite furniture?  Bring it with you and we’ll help you set it up.

The ultimate goal for us to assist people with integrating into the community around them, to participate in community affairs as anyone would in their own community. Our community living arrangement (CLA) homes are family home models and are State licensed by the Department of Community Health, Healthcare Facility Regulations.

We are located in wonderful communities in very well kept neighborhoods that are clean and quiet. Typically, they are near recreational parks, churches, restaurants, shopping and medical community homes. Our homes are accessible from major highways and interstates.

We offer spacious, attractive furnished private rooms with all of the amenities. Services provided in our homes, include:

  • Medication Management
  • Transportation (as needed to and from activities)
  • Assist persons in community integration and self-sufficiency
  • Socialization
  • Qualified, professional caring staff with 24 hour around the clock support
  • Therapeutic Activities
  • Recreation/ Field Trips
  • Oversight management by a Registered Nurse

Trained direct support staff, CNA. and LPN support are provided for adults in a safe and loving “home like” environment.


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