Work Matters

Generally, people of working age who are employed are happier, healthier and have more friends than people who are not working. This is true for people with and without disabilities. Supported Employment is one of the ways to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find a job and keep a job.

In Georgia, as well as across the country, people with disabilities are speaking up because they want to work. Some people want full time work, some want part time, others want a better job or a better place to work.

Nearly half of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities receiving services in Georgia, who do not have a job, indicate they want to work in the community (47 percent). However, only 15 percent of people receiving services have integrated employment as a goal in his/her service plan. Some people who are working indicate they want to work somewhere else (24 percent). [National Core Indicators Georgia 2010-11 data] However, people are often not aware of the choices available to them or what is possible. Nationally, when given a real choice, nearly all indicate they want a job, but only 22-28% of people with I/DD are working in paid integrated community jobs.

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